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Operation Education - Helping Rebuild Lives

Helping Veterans and Their Families

Returning to civilian life can be a challenge for veterans and their families, even more so when one is adjusting to the challenges of a disability.

Operation Education is designed to help qualifying veterans earn a degree in higher education through an integrated and individualized plan of assistance by providing financial, academic and home and social support. It is open to  veterans who were disabled while on active duty since Sept. 11, 2001.

The Operation Education scholarship program is proactive: we work to identify potential barriers to success and find ways to overcome those barriers.

Operation Education
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Why This is Important

With improvements in medical care and medical evacuation procedures, the injured  service members are surviving injuries that would have been fatal in previous wars. As a result, there are more veterans returning to civilian life with disabilities than ever before.

Because of their disabilities, many veterans are unable to do the job they had trained for and face the challenge of how to earn a living. Higher education provides opportunity, teaching new skills and helping them regain their independence and provide for their families.

 Program Goals

The goals for the Operation Education program at UC Riverside are to:

  • To fill the academic, financial, and social support gaps in order to optimize the success of our veteran students succeed at UCR.
  • Aid veterans to be independent and provide for their families.

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Program Information

Financial Aid Office — VA School Certifying Official
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Tel: (951) 827-6162

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Jan Forrester
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